The Signs of a Reliable Solar Power Installer

f3Indeed, solar can seem like a real solution to world energy crises, and it can also be a great way to be become more self-sufficient and make savings on electricity bills too for many of us. However, finding great solar products and a reliable solar power installation service are very important in order to undertake this endeavor successfully.

The first sign of a reliable service provider is one that is knowledgeable about solar power in general and how it can work together with other power sources to provide energy for your home or your vehicle. Many people not only use solar power on their property, but also on their boat, in their motor home or in their caravan.

Indeed, this energy source is not restricted to use on a residential property, and can be efficiently harnessed elsewhere. Although these opportunities are seemingly endless, a great installer is one who understands how all these systems work and how solar power can be integrated into them.

Of course, this will all depend on why you intend to install solar power and where you want to install it. If you

The Advantages of Solar Power for Motorhomes

loFor many people, motorhomes are a passion and a way of life; not only do they offer the chance to travel freely in many countries in the world on your own schedule but they also often allow you to have the comfort and convenience of a home from home whilst doing so.

The people who own motorhomes use them in many different ways, however. Some like to have full home comforts and go to familiar and favourite spots each and every year. For others, they enjoy having the bare minimum of equipment and comfort whilst instead travelling to more secure location in the name of adventure.

Regardless of the motivations of owning a motorhome and the type of motorhome owner they are, people who enjoy travelling like this will know that there is one undeniable fact, and that is that having one of these vehicles means investing in a reliable system of power so that you are able to travel and holiday safely and efficiently.

One of the most modern solutions for motorhomes is motorhome solar power, including panels and batteries used to help power the vehicle

3 Free Ways to Reduce Your Power Bill and Carbon Foot Print

ffThe Federal Government and many State governments have mandated the power companies to reduce their percentage of Coal/Oil supply and create Twenty (20) Percent of their power by Renewable energy by the year 2022. Several State governments have initiated their own regulations to force Power companies to reduce the per household consumption.

This creates good news for consumers as all they need to do to save money on their power bills is to participate in the programs. Below I will outline the 3 best ways to save on your power bill.

1) Free Solar – There are several ways to go solar. Some ways will save you more money then others.

a) If you Qualify – You can have a photovoltaic system (Solar Panels) installed for free in MD now and in late 2016 Companies will also be moving to supply free Solar in Virginia. Companies will install maintain and service your solar panels and give you a reduction in your cost per KWh. Usually you will receive about a Thirty percent reduction by having solar panels installed for no cost. General qualifications are:

  • Credit scores above 700
  • You

Tips for Buying Solar Solutions Online

When it comes to purchasing solar goods for energy supply to your property, it can be very tempting to go online to buy in order to make some significant savings. Indeed, shopping online has opened up the chance to find real quality along with value for money as our choice of supplier broadens.

With that said, there is a right way and a wrong way to buy solar batteries and other equipment online. This is because it is very easy to fall into a few common traps when doing this kind of shopping, so it pays to bear a few handy tips in mind when doing this.

Firstly, make sure that you are buying from a reputable supplier who knows about the products that they are selling. The vast majority of the general public are not solar power experts, and therefore having access to a professional to answer all your queries about the right solar batteries is going to be extremely helpful.

Nonetheless, this does not stop a lot of people thinking that they can simply do a little bit of reading online to fully understand how systems work and which item of equipment they need to buy. This could potentially result in

5 Imperative Features of Energy-Efficient Homes

Designing a home is something that calls for a lot of considerations. These range from the colour of the interior walls to the number of rooms. Saving money is one of the primary objectives for most people when undertaking an investment like this. Building an energy-efficient place is one of the best ways to save money as well as build a beautiful residence. Below are some ideas that will help you save money and at the same time make a home that is environment-friendly.

Cooler roofs – This kind of roof reflects the sunlight and thus helps maintain a cooler dwelling. The reflective material is made from materials like shingles, tiles and other substances. This is particularly required in warm climatic regions especially where there is a high cost of air conditioning all the year round.

Advanced house framing cost – This one involves the construction of house using lesser amounts of lumber and dust. This one saves energy by using more insulation and less wood. Apart from conservation of energy this one also cut labour costs by five percent and the annual heating and cooling costs by five percent.

Skylights – Whenever people think of building an abode that

How to Reduce Your Electric Bill Every Month

Saving electricity at home is not hard, but it takes discipline. The first thing to do is to change all the old style light bulbs and use energy saving bulbs. It is true that the light they give is different, but they have the same intensity as the old ones and save the energy we need. Energy saving light bulbs come in all sizes and they fit the majority of lamps in your home so there is no excuse not to use them. The light they produce is white and not yellowish like the old ones, it reaches farther and the bulbs last longer too even if you have to pay a bit more for them. In the long run you will save energy and money and you will be contributing to world preservation.

Keep all the appliances at home unplugged during the time there is no one at home. Believe it or not appliances keep using electricity even when they are not on. Microwave ovens have timers, television sets have timers, and most other appliances have something that requires energy even when they are not in use. It is new using them. It is not hard to get used to

Common Mistakes People Make When Going Solar

To control the power bills we have to control the amount of daylight going into our homes. This way we can control the temperature of the house. The window blinds are an extraordinary method for controlling the light and making the protection against the climate. The best possible utilization of blinds can likewise help you from turning the lights on during the day, therefore, minimizing another worth in your power bills.

Let us see further how we can make full use of the window blinds for the best of the results.

With the utilization of cellular blinds from inside, you can make a protection that is greatly required amid the winters. These blinds are fit for controlling the temperature of the room by holding the chilling breeze in its honeycomb trap.

The utilization of solar blinds or energy efficient window blinds can channel the glare of the sun while it permits the light to stream in. This minimizes the utilization of lights amid the day while they hold the hot sun rays outside which is favoured amid the summers to keep the rooms cooler.

Amid summer’s, the best choice is to introduce both the sorts of blinds. The cellular blinds work best from inside

Common Mistakes People Make When Going Solar

Taking advantage of solar power is a very attractive option for all kinds of people – from those who are building a property in very remote location who are looking for efficient off grid solar power, right through to those who want to adopt more green and eco-friendly solutions for their existing home.

Indeed, there are many advantages to this kind of power, including financial benefits, the chance to use sustainable electricity rather than rely on less environmentally friendly methods, and a certain level of self-sufficiency which is very attractive to many people. However, when going solar here are several mistakes that people make on a regular basis.

The first mistake to make is not doing thorough research on how a solar power system will work to power your home. There are many different electrical components in your home, ranging from the electrical system that is used for your lighting right through to the electrics for your cooker and your water heater.

Each of these different appliances and systems will use varying amounts of electricity, and therefore ensuring that what you produce through solar is used effectively will – or should – become a top priority for you. If you are looking into

The Beneficial Uses Of Solar Power

Solar power has replaced many outdated forms of generating electricity and its expensive negative impact on business and environmental health. The modern developments in renewable energy have had a profound outcome for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Learning how to incorporate sustainable power for the home or office can reduce reliance on traditional and costly sources of electricity.

The rise in the popularity of power generated from the sun has led to more affordable options for residential and commercial properties. Professional installation and high quality technology can determine the size and types of panels required in the generation of sustainable power. An inspection must be completed to determine the most suitable positioning of paneling with maximum exposure to natural light.

Installation of panels for households and offices provides the opportunity to benefit from sun energy easily and conveniently. A major benefit of incorporating renewable power is the savings in utility bills as it decreases the use of regular sources of electricity off the government grid. Independent power supply may be incorporated to operate appliances including equipment, lighting and geysers.

Heat pools and water with renewable energy in comparison to conventional means of maintaining warm temperatures. Energy efficient units can replace old and outdated

Household Uses Of Solar Power

With the costs of living on the rise, consumers are hard pressed to find ways to save while living according to similar standards. Investing in solar energy to power water heaters, lights and decrease overall reliance on the grid can provide exceptional savings on utility bills. Learning how to incorporate the solar panel systems into the home can assist in making informed and effective decisions concerning renewable energy.

Solar energy is the ultimate source of heat and lighting power; converted into usable electricity through photovoltaic technology. Each panel consists of photovoltaic cells that utilize sunlight to convert into usable power for a wide variety of applications. The availability of modern systems can be customized to meet the energy requirements of the home and produce either heat or electricity for operational purposes.

Sustainable energy systems will require very little maintenance and can last for years with the proper installation and selection of quality products. The type of system installed in residential properties will depend on the size of the house and the amount of energy utilized on a daily basis. Homes can save up to 50 percent of the electrical bill when reducing reliance on the grid.

A thermal system developed to generate power

Understanding HVAC Energy Efficiency Ratings

When you step out to buy the latest electronic equipment, you are bombarded with a series of acronyms, with each brand claiming superiority over the other. While it may sound like Greek and Latin to begin with, it really pays to understand HVAC energy efficiency ratings when you’re shopping for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

A little bit of in-depth understanding really goes a long way in helping you make informed decisions about your purchase, and helps you pick the best possible product for your needs. Additionally you also end up saving quite a few dollars when you understand exactly what each product offers and how well it fits with your unique requirements.

List of different Energy Efficiency Ratings

A few parameters are important to evaluate during the purchase of equipment such as air conditioners and heat pumps, and these include:

SEER – Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

SEER is the measure of energy efficiency of cooling equipment. It is calculated by dividing cooling output (measured in BTU or British Thermal Units) by electricity usage (measured in kilowatt-hours). In other words, it indicates the electrical input that is needed to run the air conditioner over a season, compared to the amount of cooling that it

Guide On How To Maintain Your Solar Panels

Solar energy comes in handy in the rural areas that are off the electrical grid. If you have installed solar panels in your home you need to take good care of them for them to continue serving you. Here are tips on how to properly maintain your panels:

Keep them clean

Since the panels don’t have a cleaning system installed in them, dust easily builds up if you don’t clean them on a regular basis. Due to dirt accumulation the units don’t absorb energy as efficiently as they should. Most of the dirt on panels results from bird droppings and dust thus you can easily remove them using a dry cloth or warm water. If your panels are large, consider using a soft brush with a long handle to clean them.

When cleaning the units, also take a look at their condition. Inspect the wiring system and frames and ensure that they are in good place. Look for gaps and cracks in the frame that would allow water into the panel. Also check the fuses and connections for signs of corrosion.

Get rid of impediments

The major impediments that you need to keep an eye on are trees. If there are trees growing over your

Benefits of Using Remote Area Solar Power Systems

There are so many great benefits to using remote area solar power systems and the first is the money saving benefits. When you find yourself living in a remote area, you may find that to get grid power to the property is going to be an exceptionally expensive task. Most power companies run to a certain point and anything beyond that is for your account and they can charge whatever they like, if you need power you are going to pay for it.

With the solar power systems designed for remote area, you can take advantage of renewable energy to power your home or business. These remote area solar power systems rely on the sun to form energy which is stored in batteries, ready for you to use as and when needed.

You will enjoy the fact that there is no shortage of natural resources. The sun shines every day, even when it is hidden behind clouds, which means that the panels can absorb the light and convert it to energy with complete ease. These systems comprise of a number of parts and with the reduced risk of ever running out of sunlight, you know your system will be working for years

Stand Alone Power Systems – What You Need to Know

Stand alone power systems are growing in demand on a global scale. Thousands of families still live off grid in certain countries. Off grid means that they have no mains power running to their properties and they have to look at alternate solutions.

Up to now, these people would rely on wood burners for heating and cooking and paraffin lamps for light in the night, but with stand along power systems, also known as SAPS, their lives have been changed and they can enjoy all the modern conveniences you enjoy in your home powered by grid or mains power.

There are numerous options available when looking for SAPS for your off the grid property starting with solar. The stand alone solar power systems are reliable, affordable and convenient. They comprise of solar panels which absorb the light from the sun and then convert that to energy which is stored in batteries.

So many people are under the false impression that these systems only work on a sunny day and it is true that to charge the batteries faster you want your panels to get the most amount of sunlight, but they do work even on overcast days, the difference is that the batteries

Benefits of Caravan Solar Systems

One of the reasons you probably purchased a caravan is so that you can go anywhere, spend the night and travel in comfort and style without breaking the bank. Normally you would need to rely on caravan parks providing electricity, which means that you need to plan every last detail of your trip. Not to mention when you book a caravan site with power, you usually pay extra for the electricity usage.

Now imagine if you were able to be completely independent and have power on board at all times. In most instances, especially with newer RV models, your batteries will charge while you are on the road, but what happens when you stop? With caravan solar systems you are in control of your own experience, you can stop and stay wherever you want knowing you have an abundance of power at your fingertips. Even if you choose to stay in a caravan park, you can save money by being independent and not relying on grid power.

Not relying on mains power gives you more freedom. You are able to head deeper into the county, see places you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to explore and stay in some of the most spectacular

Why Solar Is a Top Choice for Off Grid

Living off grid has become a top choice for thousands of people around the world. In the past off grid meant relying on open flames and fire places for heating, it didn’t have the benefits of electricity. There are many outlying areas which don’t benefit from grid power and these residents rely on renewable energy sources so that they can enjoy the modern conveniences that others enjoy.

The first reason you are going to want to choose off grid solar power is that you are completely independent. You don’t have to rely on anyone but your equipment to enjoy power to your property twenty four hours a day.

Solar is renewable energy, it uses the light from the sun and converts it to energy which is stored in batteries. You can use it throughout the day and when you don’t use it, the batteries store it to use later. This is why on colder and overcast days when there is limited light, you will still have power to your home, even if your batteries do take slightly longer to charge. Many off grid solar solutions will involve a number of batteries ensuring that they can accommodate the needs of the property.

With this

It Is Possible To Have No Heating Bill In Your Modular Built Home

The modular living is more than just an efficient and simple construction. It is a green way to build a new home and is becoming more and more popular. Regardless the size of a modular home, there are features that can be built in that will make it energy efficient and drastically reduce the heating bill, maybe even eliminate it totally. Take a look at these green technology info things that can be and are being done all around the globe:

Solar Power

Solar power is the most obvious green technology info will tell you for a modular home. Incorporated solar panels installed on the rooftop that will generate electricity for heat or heat water for bathing and radiators. Even areas that don’t have as much sunshine as other areas, what daylight there is can generate enough electricity and keep the occupants warm.

The Insulation

There isn’t any one single method of energy efficiency that will eliminate heating a modular home totally. However, good quality insulation will reduce cost greatly when properly installed in the ceiling, floors, and walls. Having good quality doors and windows installed will also reduce cooling and heating costs.

Geothermal Heat

All the information you find on green technology will tell you

Reduce Your Home Ventilation Bill With These Handy Tips

Handy Tips To Reduce Home Ventilation Energy Costs

Have you recently installed a home ventilation system and feel like you are up to your neck in energy bills? Did you know that there are a few simple tips you can use that can cut your costs by half?

Why Your Energy Bills Are High

Below are common culprits that cause your home ventilation energy bills to escalate.

1. Leaks in your house. It doesn’t matter if you have invested in a top notch ventilation system, if you have several leaks around your house, it could cause the system to be ineffective. Such leaks tend to bring in cold air during winter, and hot air during summer, which in turn causes your ventilation system to work extra hard to create a balance. The extra hard work costs you more in terms of bills.

2. Faulty or poor choice of a ventilation system. You may either have installed a ventilation system that is subpar, or you may be working with one that is simply faulty. This could lead to situations where one part of the house is heated or cooled properly with the other parts being either too hot or too cold. This ineffective heating or cooling

Three Reasons To Install Solar Panels In Your Home

Imagine living in a house where a crystal clear spring of water flows through the backyard, but instead of using it, you pay the city for water. All it would take to have your own water supply, free of charge, would be installing a pump, but you don’t bother to do it. This, in essence, is what every homeowner who doesn’t install solar panels or PV modules, is doing. The sun is a massive energy source, available and free to anyone who has the tools to use it. Here are three reasons why every homeowner should install PV modules as soon as possible.

Utilities Savings

The most well-known advantage to PV modules is that you will save money on your electric bill. Most units, on average, will account for 80-90% of a home’s electrical needs. This means you reduce your utility bill by that same 80-90%. This is especially important in hotter areas where air conditioning is needed for long periods of time and utility bills run into the hundreds of dollars. In some cases, solar panels will actually generate more energy than you need in your home. When this happens, the excess energy is sold back to the utility company. In

Why You Should Prioritize Using Solar Products

Technology has advanced to such a level that resources are being depleted at a faster rate than usual. Incidentally, we have accustomed ourselves to a standard of living where we can’t sustain without electricity. But the natural resources are limited and in the near future, there will come a time where there is no petroleum left to generate electricity. Fortunately, science has developed vastly over the years and has invented several other methods to generate electricity. However, the standout method of producing electricity is by using solar energy. This renewable power source captures the sunlight through solar panels and then transmits them into electricity. This alternate energy has grown a lot in the past few years and now thousands of solar products are being used all over.

Solar energy is undoubtedly the future, and it is everyone’s responsibility to embrace it. There are several advantages of using solar power and it’s not just limited to cost effectiveness. Some of the advantages are:-

• There is no scarcity of energy as the source is unlimited in nature.

• These products are extremely eco-friendly which means that there are no harmful emissions of CFCs or other greenhouse gases.

• Its much more affordable because the per